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MINAS A6BU servo driver

Displacement control in real time via direct sensor data processing and EtherCAT.

Real-time control with MINAS A6BU thanks to direct sensor data processing in the servo driver

When it comes to quickly processing sensor measurement data in industrial automation, every millisecond counts.
Highly precise applications for distance monitoring require the servo driver to control the axis as fast as possible. How fast the servo driver responds to the measurement data supplied by sensors depends largely on the cycle time of the PLC used. Valuable time can be lost here because the signal has to travel from the sensor through the PLC to the servo driver.

However, with the MINAS A6BU you can connect the sensors directly to the servo driver. This means you can process the analog data directly in the servo driver without an intermediate PLC. The motor can therefore immediately restore the target distance. The MINAS A6BU uses the EtherCAT protocol for easy integration and cross-manufacturer communication.

Fast, precise, and easy

MINAS A6BU Fast, precise, and easy

Your application can also benefit from the direct processing of sensor data:

  • No need for an analog input unit
  • Simplified system configuration and easier programming
  • Reduced signal transmission time
  • Higher accuracy
  • Smooth control
  • Less prone to errors
  • Less waste

Possible applications

A6BU applications
  1. Dispenser
    Accurate and fast control of the gap between the automatic dispenser and the workpiece
  2. Laser processing machine
    Fast correction of autofocus
  3. Lithium battery manufacturing
    Precise feeding of bands for highest quality and little waste

Power classes

  • 50W to 400W, 1-phase, 100V
  • 100W to 1.5kW, 1-/3-phase, 200V
  • 2kW to 22kW, 3-phase, 200V
  • 600W to 5kW, 3-phase, 400V

Suitable servo motors and measurement sensors

MINAS A6 servo motors
Servo drives

MINAS A6 200V servo motors

Servo motors for MINAS A6 series.
MINAS A6 400V servo motor
Servo drives

MINAS A6 400V servo motors

Depending on the application Panasonic provides a wide variety of suitable servo motors.
HG-C measurement sensor

HG-C measurement sensor

Laser measurement sensor for object detection with a repeatability of 10μm.
HL-G1 measurement sensor

HL-G1 measurement sensor

High-precision laser-displacement sensors.
Measurement sensors HG-F1

HG-F TOF sensor

TOF Sensor for long range measurement.


Encoder feedback 23-bit (resolution 8388608ppr), 7-wire serial absolute encoder
Control signals Input points 10
Output points 6
Analog signals Input points 3 (16-bit A/D x 1, 12-bit A/D x 2) Pressure sensor input only via the 16-bit A/D input.
Output points 2 (analog monitor 1, analog monitor 2)
Pulse signals Output points 2
Interface EtherCAT Real-time communication for command transmission, parameter setting, status monitoring, etc.
USB Connection to a computer for parameter setting or status monitoring, etc.
Control mode Position control, velocity control, torque control