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Quality Assurance

Quality is part of our Panasonic DNA.

Quality as a value

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved with high quality, excellent performace and zero defect policy from design to end of life. Our Quality Management System let us achieve these goals with our continuously improved processes and methods. With years of production experience to call on, Panasonic delivers best-in-class performance on battery pack technology parameters.

Quality and environmental conformity

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All our battery pack's projects are highly streamlined and in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001, making it time- and cost-efficient as well as compliant with all relevant environmental norms (ROHS, REACH etc.). In addition a very efficient and detailed traceability system is implemented for all projects.

Continuous quality improvement

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Panasonic continuously engages in improving its various systems and mechanisms to raise quality levels and ensure product safety. As a company, it sets unique targets for itself that are exceeding the generally accepted standards and regulations. All the while, the company keeps an eye on changing social trends and acts in line with the growth of its business coverage. Find out more!