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DPC/DPH-100 pressure sensor

Single-axis type digital pressure sensor with optional dual 3-color display.
DPC/DPH-100 pressure sensor shadow

Single-axis type digital pressure sensor with optional dual 3-color display

The sensor head is tightened with a hexagonal wrench, making installation easy, especially in tight spaces. DPH/DHC-100 pressure sensors boast the fastest response time of just 500µs in the industry. The controller automatically recognizes sensor heads when they are connected, even if their rated pressure ranges are different. The dual display allows you to check current and threshold values simultaneously. All these features add up to reduced labor costs and increased productivity. Of course the DPH/DPC-100 series sensors include all of the convenient features of its DP-100 series sibling, e.g. a 3-color display, an analog output, copying function, etc.!


  • Industry’s fastest: scan time: 500µs
  • Easy, direct installation in narrow spaces
  • Sensor heads for 3 different pressure ranges: positive, vacuum or compound pressure
  • Stainless steel pressure ports in 3 different shapes
  • Analog output
  • Current and threshold value in one view
  • Automatic sensor head recognition
  • Three operation modes: easy, hysteresis and window comparator modes
  • Easy setting
  • ECO mode to save power


  • Cable (5m) with attached connector
  • Power supply connector
  • Controller mounting bracket
  • Panel mounting bracket
  • Front cover protection
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DPC-100 / DPH-100 pressure sensor applications Panasonic Industry
  • Leak test
  • Reference pressure checking
  • Monitoring vacuum pressure


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