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HE-R 40A power relay

40A PCB Power Relay for 3 phase systems with optional feedback contact – the perfect option for demanding inverter & wallbox designs.
HE-R power relay

40A PCB relay for 3 phase systems with feedback contact

HE-R relay is the first printed relay which can be used as the main switching element in 3 phase systems. Due to its compact size, it enables the customer to bring the switching function on PCB. This contributes to considerable space & cost savings. Each of the 4 NO contacts is able to switch 40A up to an ambient temperature of +85°C - also a result of the sophisticated thermal design and an unique low coil holding power. An optional NC contact as feedback contact can handle low level loads down to 10mA / 5VDC. The IEC62955 compliant HE-R relay is a perfect option for demanding wallbox designs.

Key features

  • Unique contact arrangement of 4a or 4a1b
  • 1xNC contact as a mirror contact
  • Contact rating 40A / 480VAC resistive
  • Extreme low coil holding power of 490mW
  • Clearance & creepage distance > 8.0 mm
  • Ambient temperature - 40°C to +85°C
  • PCB soldering terminal type
  • UL/C-UL, VDE certified
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