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Lithium-Ion batteries - excellent saftey and superior performance

Our Li-Ion batteries are a perfect combination of high energy density, safety and long-life, and show what is possible with this battery technology. High quality - this is what Panasonic stands for.
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High performance batteries for demanding and sophisticated applications

Our Li-Ion batteries feature a high energy density, and their high voltage ensures small battery dimensions. They are able to supply stable power with a flat discharge voltage and an excellent reliability. Last but not least, their low self-discharge is impressive. Please note that the usage of our Li-Ion batteries requires a safety unit. Our Li-Ion batteries are particularly designed for shavers, e-bikes etc.

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Li-Ion batteries

Li-Ion cylindrical type batteries

Every single Li-Ion battery cell is the perfect combination of superior battery performance, long-life and safety: this is what Panasonic stands for.
Li-Ion batteries

Li-Ion prismatic type batteries

Each prismatic Li-Ion battery cell is the perfect mix of excellent battery performance, long-life and safety: this is Panasonic quality.
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  • Stable power supply with flat discharge voltage
  • Excellent reliability
  • Low self-discharge
  • High energy density
  • Excellent battery safety on one hand, and superior battery performance on the other: this is what Panasonic stands for

Li-Ion battery - have a look inside!

Do you want to look inside a Li-Ion cylindrical battery? This video shows the inner workings of a Li-Ion battery and gives an excellent overview of the battery materials (e.g. electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.).

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Li-Ion batteries - designed for medical applications

Enjoy a fantastic trip through various battery-driven medical applications (e.g. wheelchairs) and find out how Panasonic batteries can power your devices.

Li-Ion batteries - developed for green applications

Please join us in an amazing trip through Panasonic's green battery applications such as e-bikes, and find out how Panasonic batteries can power your ecological devices. Have a look at our video!

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