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Events and trade shows

Experience Panasonic Industry’s latest smart connectivity solutions at Embedded World 2024

At Embedded World 2024 from 9th to 11th April in Nuremberg, Germany, Panasonic Industry will be showcasing its latest smart connectivity solutions in Hall 4A on Stand 103
New product introductions

Unparalleled capacitance for miniaturized designs

Panasonic Industry launches the compact and AEC-Q200 compliant EEH-ZL series, standing out with industry-leading capacitance and high Ripple Current specs
Cow-Tracker Amorton
Application insights

How farmers can monitor livestock sustainably

Monitoring the location and wellbeing of livestock is a new and effective way to optimise farming. Amorton solar cells can be a reliable and sustainable solution for tracking key data of animals
Hera Coop teaser
Cooperations and partnerships

Panasonic Industry collaborates with multi-utility Hera Group to expand innovative NexMeter technology

The strengthened collaboration between Hera Group and Panasonic Industry aims to improve safety and sustainability with NexMeter technology for Italian and European utilities.
LP-RH laser marker system
New product introductions

Improved speed and precision: Panasonic Industry presents the new Laser marking system LP-RH

On-the-fly marking at high speeds is only one of the comprehensive features of the LP-RH series
kinari teaser image

Panasonic Industry presents kinari: a sustainable plastic alternative

On the 6th of March, kinari will be introduced on the Bioplastics Innovation Forum near Munich
New product introductions

Enhanced Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid performance: Panasonic Industry unveils ZV Series

The EEH-ZV Series (SMD, High Temp. Reflow) is AEC-Q200 compliant with higher Ripple Current and lower ESR, catering to diverse applications
New product introductions

New HE_R2A: The “small box” for the American wall box

Panasonic Industry releases HE-R relay variant complying with UL508 and US 1-phase charging systems.
New product introductions

New Grid-EYE–90° increases field of vision for Machine Learning based IR sensing

Panasonic Industry's new Grid-EYE–90° suits privacy-conscious people-tracking or monitoring applications - and requires
fewer sensors to cover a given area
SIT PR Teaser

SIT and Panasonic Industry join forces for innovative residential heat pump fan

The combination of Panasonic Industry’s motor solutions with SIT’s expertise in fluid dynamics and motor control leads to a high-quality fan solution for residential heat pumps
Hera PR teaser image

Panasonic Industry and Hera Group collaborate to expand NexMeter Smart Gas Meter technology

This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies and sets a new standard that offers unrivaled security, efficiency and sustainability for smart metering applications
rl teaser
Service and trainings

Europe’s most comprehensive relay test labs from Panasonic Industry

Technical support to customers: Complete infrastructure and profound know-how for customised relay performance and safety