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Introducing "Smart metering" to Gas Utilities

Service to Utilities

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Panasonic offers not only devices for smart gas meters, but also services. We propose "Solution Service" to gas utilities.

Our available solutions:

  • Advanced Gas IoT Service
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) Service
  • NB-IoT Connectivity Service

Advanced Gas IoT Service

Samrt Gas Meter Two workers on a monitoring Panasonic Industry

Panasonic provides the web-based system services as a one-stop solution, with reliable meter devices (valve, pressure sensor, seismoscope).

Our Advanced Gas IoT Service helps you to analyze and utilize the log data based on smart metering information.


    1.Pipeline and Meter Pressure Monitoring


    • Gas pipe abnormality estimation
    • Collecting gas supply pressure status at different time and estimate potential low gas pressure


    • Detecting pipeline abnormality
      Combining gas meter data and pipeline data enable to grasp local gas grid.
    • Collecting gas supply pressure status at different time and estimate potential low gas pressure
      Mapping gas supply pressure data dynamics at different time (e.g. 08:00-12:00)

    2. Battery Status Monitoring


    • Enable efficient plan for battery change
    • Prevent battery run out without notice


    • Resonable planning for the battery changing and maintenance Visualize the battery life of each meter
    • Well-grasping of regional characteristics and issues Battery Life will be displayed on the map

    3. Shut-off Valve Status Monitoring


    • Efficient valve re-opening after shut-off
    • Enable safe and efficient recovery works


    • Enable safe and efficient recovery works
      Panasonic has long experience in Japan that is frequent earthquake country
    • After earthquake an auto shut-off, analyze gas pipeline supply pressure
    • Mapping meter status (normal, alerted and shut-off) after earthquake

    4. RF Monitoring


    • Efficient analysis of communication error
    • RF (Radio Frequency) value optimization for saving battery


    • Reducing time to solve communication error
      With the status of surrounding meters or DC (Data Concentrator), the root cause communication error can be estimated.
    • Adjusting communication power
      Enable to save the battery power

    AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) Service

    Smart Gas Meter Automatic Meter Reading Panaonic Industry

    Remote meter reading is possible by retrofitting external NB-IoT units to traditional gas meters. By specifying and individual ID and data extraction period for a gas meter, the target meters reading data and anomaly detection data will be output from a centrally managed database in the cloud.

    Panasonic´s retrofit NB-IoT Unit

    • Long battery life as utilizing NB-IoT Communication
    • High Reliability SIM as utilizing Embedded SIM
    • Detecting Temper


    • Automatic meter Reading
    • Outputs meter reading and error data for specified meters

    What you can see

    Smart Gas meter statistics Panasonic Industry
    • Address of the unit (meter)
    • Meter ID
    • Communicating Number
    • Scale
    • Consumption data for 2 months
    • Phenomenon
    • Data per hours by day

    System Configuration Chart

    Remote meter reading is possible by simply combining an external wireless unit with an existing gas meter.

    NB-IoT Connectivity Service

    Panasonic will support the all the duties from contract to SIM management.


    Workload reduction

    • eSim is installed on PCB

    One window

    • in case of communication trouble, Solve incidents by Panasonic as one stop partner
    • Flexible connectivity service with utility´s more effective work
    • Only one contract for cellular network service per region
    • eSIM adopting (eUICC to be available after GSMA´s approval)
    • SIM-on-chip adoption

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