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Film capacitors for electronic equipment use

Chip types are ideal for low/mid-range voltage DC blocking and filtering, audio and back-lighting uses.
Radial lead types are suitable for filtering and smoothing in general purpose applications.
capacitor film smd radial dip

Chip and radial lead types for general purpose electronic applications

capacitor film interference-surpression

ECQUA series: interference suppression (Class X2) capacitors

- High safety & high reliability.
- Ideal for input filtering for EMI suppression purpose in industrial power supplies.
capacitor film power-factor-correction

ECWFE series: metallized polypropylene film capacitors

- Small size
- Excellent frequency characteristics
- Low loss and quiet (low hum) operation
- Ideal for active filter and high frequency circuits
capacitor film dc-link-filtering

EZPV series: DC-link filtering

Ideal for inverters in solar & wind power generation, OBC, and AC/DC & DC/DC converters for electric vehicle applications.
capacitor film chip

ECHU(X) series: stacked metallized PPS film chip capacitors

- Small size
- High temperature & humidity resistance
- Ideal for filtering, resonance and audio circuits

High safety and long life thanks to a built-in fuse function

Capacitor: Film Built in fuse function Panasonic Industry

The damage caused by over-voltages on non-fused material is far more extensive than that suffered by fused material. Therefore Panasonic's film capacitors are the ideal solution for high stress applications.

Comparison between general and patterned metallization:

  1. Small break down
  2. Short circuit mode with risk of smoking or burning out
  3. Fuse function isolates the failed cell, and finally leads to open circuit
  4. Failed cell is isolated

Panasonic’s In-house technology: Patterned metallized polypropylene film capacitors

On a very thin layer of vapor deposited aluminum, segments are made within capacitor’s dielectric material.
Those segments localize the failure caused by over voltage, therefore the damage is only limited in a few section of the capacitor.
When too many of the areas fail in a very short period of time, capacitor will then open in a safe manner.

A demonstration video is available for your to take a look (see right side):

  • We first apply high voltage to a dielectric material with Panasonic fuse pattern.
  • Then we apply the same voltage to the raw material without fuse pattern.
  • As you can easily recognize, the damage caused on non-fuse material is far more extensive than that of a fuse material.

Thanks to this “Fuse Function” technology, Panasonic film capacitors are ideal solution for high-stress applications that require high safety and high reliability,
such as automotive applications (OBC, DC/DC converters, inverters for xEV etc.), industrial power supplies, solar inverters etc.

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A typical circuit for audio systems

capacitors film circuit audio new

Surface Mount SMD film (chip) type capacitors are ideal for coupling for DC cutting of amplifiers and output filtering of class D amplifiers.

ECHU type construction

capacitors film smd echu construction new

A Number of layers

approx. 400 ~ 1500

B Element composition

Dielectric : PPS film

Inner electrode: deposited aluminum

C Outer electrode composition

  1. First layer: brass
  2. Middle layer: conductive paste
  3. Third layer: solder plating (Pb-free)

Comparison with other technologies

The higher precision, better stability and lower distortion of Panasonic's chip type film capacitors contribute to producing a good sound.


Capacitor technology Dielectric Dielectric constant Capacitance tolerance Dissipation factor (1kHz) Dielectric absorption
Panasonic film capacitor (ECHUX) PPS 3.0 +/- 2% 0.03% 0.05%
Other film capacitor (PMLCAP) Polymer 3.0 +/- 5% 1.0% 1.0%
MLCC C0G TiO2/CaZrO3 20 ~ 300 +/- 5% 0.003% 0.6%
MLCC X7R BaTiO3 1000 ~ 20000 +/- 10% 0.8% 2.5%


Item (see below gallery for more details) Panasonic film Other film MLCC C0G MLCC X7R
1. Temperature characteristics Good Not good Good Not good
2. Frequency characteristics Good Not good Good Not good
3. Piezoelectric effect Good Good Good Not good
4. THD (Third Harmonic Distortion) Good Good Not good Not good

Main applications

  • ECHU type: an ideal solution for an audio phase compensation circuit
  • ECPU type: an ideal solution for an audio coupling circuit (analog amplifier)
  • ECHU type: an ideal solution for audio noise filtering (headphone driver circuit)