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PhotoMOS® relays

Latest PhotoMOS® semiconductor technology enables fast, quiet, bounce-free switching in miniature sizes.
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PhotoMOS® relays for automotive and industrial applications

PhotoMOS® relays with a MOSFET output enjoy an almost unlimited lifetime if used according to the specifications. Moreover, they are extremely reliable, unaffected by vibration, and their On-resistance remains stable throughout their entire lifetime. In addition to our broad product line-up for the industrial market, automotive-qualified types are also available.

From low level loads to high power switching

RF series PhotoMOS
PhotoMOS® relays

RF series for radio frequency use

Low on-resistance and low output capacitance for applications such as measurement, telecommunications and medical devices.
GU series PhotoMOS
PhotoMOS® relays

GU series for general use

- Extensive range
- Available as 1 Form A or 1 Form B types
- DIP4 or SOP4 packaging
AQV automotive PhotoMOS
PhotoMOS® relays

Automotive-qualified PhotoMOS®

Automotive-grade PhotoMOS relays provide enhanced quality controls.
HE series with low on resistance
PhotoMOS® relays

HE series, High functioned and Economical – low on resistance

Medium power capability for use in industrial applications; wide range of 1 Form A, 1 Form B, 2 Form A and 1 Form A 1 Form B types.
GE series with reinforced insulation
PhotoMOS® relays

GE series, General use and Economical - with reinforced insulation

- 5,000Vrms insulation
- Wide range of 1 Form A, 1 Form B, 2 Form A and 1 Form A 1 Form B types.
HF series with low ON resistance teaser
PhotoMOS® relays

HF series, High functioned - with low ON resistance

Photo-coupled semiconductor relays with optimized, low ON resistance for low power dissipation and high power switching.
HS series with high sensitivity
PhotoMOS® relays

HS series with high sensitivity

Very low LED forward current, ideal for battery-powered devices.
CC series capacitor coupled type in small TSON package
PhotoMOS® relays

CC series capacitor-coupled relays in a small TSON package

Low On-resistance, low output capacitance and low current consumption. Guaranteed performance at high temperature.
Power series in slim package
PhotoMOS® relays

Power series in slim package

Up to 10A switching, DC only and AC/DC dual use available for machine tools, robots,iIndustrial equipment and facilities.
PD series in flat package
PhotoMOS® relays

PD series, Power DIP

- Flat package - DIP4-pin type
- High capacity up to 2A load current
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PhotoMOS® technology

Relay: PhotoMOS Technology Panasonic Industry

The basic construction of the PhotoMOS® relay can be seen in the illustration. Light emitted from an LED on the input side passes through an isolator that is permeable to light and is detected by a solar cell. Via a trigger circuit, the solar cell‘s output voltage controls the gates of two source-coupled MOSFETs at the output. This arrangement allows PhotoMOS® relays to switch both AC and DC loads. The integration of MOSFET technology in PhotoMOS® relays significantly differentiates them from semiconductor relays with triacs or transistors at the output.

More information

MOSFET relay technology
PhotoMOS® relays

MOSFET relay technology

Learn more about future-oriented semiconductor technology.
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PhotoMOS® relays

PhotoMOS® App

Find the most suitable PhotoMOS® relay for your application - amazingly quick and easy.
Photomos whitepaper
PhotoMOS® relays

PhotoMOS® Whitepaper

From basics to applications: download the Whitepaper and learn how PhotoMOS® relays bring reliable and fast switching to future industries.
PhotoMOS® application notes
PhotoMOS® relays

PhotoMOS® Application Notes

Can I increase the current rating of a PhotoMOS® relay? Yes, by using the correct output connection! Just read the MOSFET relay application notes.
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Discontinued PhotoMOS®

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