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CX-400 photoelectric sensor

The CX-400 series is a matchbox size sensor for lots of standard applications.
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For the CX-400 series, the user has a large selection of ultra compact photoelectric sensors at his disposal. The series includes three thru-beam, five retroreflective, four diffuse reflective and three trigonometric types with foreground/background suppression. With its new ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), the sensors require up to 60% less energy than before.


  • Three thru-beam, five retroreflective, eight reflective types
  • Light ON/Dark ON modes
  • Short-circuit protected
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Up to 60% less power consumption
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CX-400 thru-beam types

Thru-beam types are available with sensing distances of up to 10m, 15m and 30m. Despite their extremely small design, the sensors nevertheless boast a long sensing range. With the new ASIC, the sensor's power consumption is as much as 60% lower than before.


  • Slit masks
  • Polarizing filter for interference prevention
  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • For M8 connector types: Cable lengths of 2 or 5m

CX-400 retroreflective types

The five retroreflective types offer not only various sensing distances of up to 5m (CX-493), but they are also extremely compact. The CX-491 features a polarizing filter and visible beam spot for detecting reflective objects, while the three types with less hysteresis - CX-481, CX-482 and CX-483 - reliably detect transparent objects. When the sensors are mounted closely together, interference prevention kicks in.


  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • For M8 connector types: Cable lengths of 2 or 5m

CX-400 diffuse reflective types

All together, four diffuse reflective types with automatic interference prevention are available. The narrow-view type with background suppression and a visible beam spot detects objects with a diameter of just 0.5mm. Three diffuse reflective types with sensing ranges from 100mm to 800mm round of the CX-400 series.


  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • For M8 connector types: Cable lengths of 2 or 5m

CX-400 trigonometric type with foreground/background suppression

The trigonometric type with switchable foreground/background suppression has four different models to offer. Besides the one with a beam spot of 2mm in focus, models with sensing ranges of up to 300mm are available.


  • Sensor mounting bracket
  • For M8 connector types: Cable lengths of 2 or 5m


Photoelectric sensor CX-400 applications Panasonic Industry
  • Detecting cars on conveyor lines
  • Detecting transparent bottles
  • Detecting labels
  • Detecting transparent glass bottles


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