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CO2 laser technology


The working principle of the system is based on the excitation (pumping) of the active medium, in this case carbon dioxide, through an external energy.
The excitation energy initiates nuclear processes which result in a series of reactions emitting laser light in the end.


  • Suited for resins and glass marking
  • Cutting materials
Laser Marking co2 technology Panasonic Industry
  1. Power source
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Electrodes
  4. Mirror
  5. Semi reflecting mirror
  6. Laser beam


Laser Marker
Laser Marking

Fiber laser & CO₂ laser systems

Our systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for different materials.
Laser Marker Workstation

The housing can also be built custom-configured

The workstations can be used as a standalone system for small-batch and individual production runs.
Laser Marker Accessories

Fume extraction, touch panel & protective goggles

Our range of accessories offers a total package to facilitate safe use of Panasonic Laser Marking Systems.
Laser Marker Service

Feasibility study, product consulting, installation, training & maintenance

Outstanding service is a matter of course for us. It starts by providing first-class advice and extends to global spare part supply.