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The Seven Principles

Key to our daily operations and an outline of favored behavior in business

Our company policy is an integral and binding part of our corporate culture, principles and philosophy. In accordance with Panasonic’s basic business philosophy, we aim to become a partner for companies in the B2B industries and thus achieve full customer satisfaction by providing excellent technology, products and services. All corporate objectives related to our quality, safety at work, information security and environment are based on our Seven Principles.

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  1. Contribution to Society
    We will follow the Basic Management Objective for society's benefit.
  2. Fairness and Honesty
    We will be fair and honest in all our business dealings and personal conduct.
  3. Cooperation and Team Spirit
    We will combine our abilities to accomplish our shared goals together and value team spirit.
  4. Untiring Effort for Improvement
    We will try to improve our business ability to contribute to society.
  5. Courtesy and Humility
    We will always be cordial and modest and respect others for good social relationships.
  6. Adaptability
    We will continually adapt our thinking and behaviour to meet the ever-changing conditions around us.
  7. Gratitude
    We will act out of a sense of gratitude for all the benefits we have received