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HL-T1 measurement sensor

HL-T1 - ultrasmall laser thru-beam sensors with very high resolution.

HL-T1 sensor

The HL-T1 is an ultrasmall laser thru-beam sensors with very high resolution. Three different types are available: HL-T1001A with a 1mm laser beam which is able to detect object 8µm in diametre at a distance of 500mm between receiver and transmitter; HL-T1005A and HL-T1010A with a laser collimator which produces a light curtain of 5mm or 10mm width respectively. The red semiconductor LED, which belongs to laser class 1, makes it possible to use HL-T1 without any safety requirements.


  • Resolution max. 4µm
  • Red light semiconductor LED belongs to laser class 1
  • Sensing range up to 2m (HL-T1001A)
  • Min. sensing object 8µm diametre (HL-T1001A)
  • Compact design



  • Side view (HLT1SV1/HLT1SV2)
  • Extension cable (4 / 8m)

HL-T1 controller

The intelligent, compact controller HL-AC1 can be used with any HL-T1 sensor head, enabling extreme flexibility.It is also easy to exchange just the controller or head in maintenance and service matters. You merely need to connect the computation unit (optional) between two controllers to enable addition and subtraction to be carried out for two sensors. A digital controller is not necessary.


  • Analogue voltage or analogue current adjustable
  • Scaling
  • Zero point and offset adjustment
  • Judgement output (teach-in)
  • Timer (ON/OFF delay)
  • Mutual interference prevention (HL-AC1-CL)
  • Computation unit HL-AC1-CL (optional)
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Sensors Measurement HL-T1 applications Panasonic Industry
  • Sheet width measurement to determine glass opacity
  • Checking the position of chips
  • Detecting defective lead frame seating