Panasonic Industry Battery Hero

Services and Certifications

We can provide, upon our customers' demands, manifold documents which proofs the quality of the ongoing project.

Tests and Analysis

Panasonic can provide, upon our customers' demands, technical analysis, behavior simulations, laboratory tests, quality checks and inspections, during the whole phases of your battery project. This service shows full transparency of the battery pack production process in order to meet our customer needs.

Certification and Regulation

Battery Forschung Science Panasonic Industry

Thanks to its worldwide network with major certification laboratories, Panasonic can take care of all the necessary certifications (IEC, UL, PSE, KC, BIS etc.), as well as your specific tests for the release of your batteries in the market. Our engineering team has expertise of battery pack design to fulfill worldwide certifications.

Supply chain management

Battery LKW Panasonic Industry

In our globalised world, Panasonic can offer a large range of supply chain services. Freight forwarder (sea, road, air), customs clearance, warehousing, specific logistics arrangement etc. We are your best partner for smooth and efficient supply chain.