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ANT™ modules

ANT™ is a reliable ultra-low-power wireless protocol designed for the seamless transmission of information between devices robustly and flexibly.

Having garnered millions of deployed nodes, ANT™ proves highly adaptable for various low-data rate sensor network topologies. These include configurations like peer-to-peer, star, and practical mesh, particularly within personal area networks that are appropriate for sports, fitness, wellness, and home health applications. Additionally, ANT™ is a beneficial solution for local area networks in home and industrial automation applications.


ANT™, as a 2.4 GHz practical wireless networking protocol and embedded system solution, is tailor-made for wireless sensor networks which demand:

  • ultra-low-power: runs on a coin cell for years of operation.
  • highly resource optimized: fits into a compact-sized memory.
  • network flexibility and scalability: self-adaptive and able to do practical mesh.
  • easy to use with low system cost: operates independently with a single chip.

ANT™ supported software

ANT modules

The nRF52 SoC series by Nordic Semiconductor provides flexibility and choice in supporting ANT and Bluetooth devices.

SoftDevice capabilities
SoftDevice Features
S212 ANT Only SoftDevice
S312 ANT and Bluetooth® Peripheral
S313 ANT and Bluetooth® Peripheral w/ Data Packet Length Extension, Connection Oriented Channels
S332 ANT and Bluetooth® Central and Peripheral
S340 ANT and Bluetooth® Central and Peripheral, Bluetooth Long Range


SoftDevice compatibility of nRF52 series
  S212 S312 S313 S332 S340 nRF Connect SDK

PAN1781 (nRF52820)

   X    X        X  

PAN1782 (nRF52833)

   X      X      X  

PAN1770 & PAN1780 (nRF52840)

   X      X      X  

PAN1783 (nRF5340)



Please visit the ANT website for more information.

ANT™ modules

Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1770 (nRF52840)

Bluetooth® 5.3, IEEE® 802.15.4 & NFC: The PAN1770 offers the possibility to connect an external antenna via the uFL connector in radio unfriendly enclosure scenarios.
Wireless PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy Panasonic Industry
Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1780 (nRF52840)

Bluetooth® 5.3, IEEE® 802.15.4 & NFC: The PAN1780 offers high design flexibility at high performance with its ARM Cortex-M4F, 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM.
ENW89857A1KF - PAN1781
Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1781 (nRF52820)

Bluetooth® 5.3 & IEEE® 802.15.4: Based on the nRF52820 SoC the PAN1781 is the perfect device for easy implementation of your wireless IoT Device
Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1782 (nRF52833)

Bluetooth® 5.3 & NFC: The PAN1782 offers high performance with its ARM Cortex-M4F with a mid-ranged memory allocation of 512kB Flash and 128kB RAM.
wireless connectivity bluetooth-low-energy PAN1783 module
Bluetooth Low Energy

LE Audio: PAN1783 - Coming soon

The PAN1783 is a Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (LE) module based on the Nordic nRF5340 single chip controller featuring isochronous channels and LE audio.


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