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Panasonic offers a wide variety of SMD chip resistors in different resistance values and sizes, designed for a variety of applications and markets.

Our newest resistors

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High temperature chip resistors

(NEW) Wide range of resistors with a temperature range up to 175°C.

Wide temperature range: -55 to +175°C. Power derating only starts at 105°C, making it the perfect solution with high power in mid temperature ranges.
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High precision chip resistors

Thin film chip resistors, high stability and reliability type

Panasonic high stability and reliability thin film resistors offer premium quality, reliability and stability.
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Current sensing thick film chip resistors

Low TCR high power current sensing resistors, wide terminal type

Panasonic low TCR current sensing resistors offer the lowest TCR value in the lineup, along with the higher power range.

Our top products


Fixed chip resistors (SMD)

Panasonic chip resistors use a soft termination structure for better solder joint reliability in order to minimize cracks in the solder fillet.
Resistors for high performance applications from Panasonic Industry

High performance chip resistors

Resistors are key components found in all electronic devices.

Panasonic resistors are available in high precision, environment resistant, current sensing, small & high power.

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Design support for resistors

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Simulation chip resistors

Simulator of allowable power by a chip resistor operating temperature.
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Cross reference search by part number

Searching part numbers to find alternatives from Panasonic Industry

More product lines

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Other resistors

Including radial or axial resistors in different categories: anti-pulse, fusing, metal oxide resistors and in addition chip attenuator and chip rings.