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EX-30 photoelectric sensor

Ultracompact photoelectric sensor with front sensing.
EX-30 photoelectric sensor shadow

Threaded miniature photoelectric sensors

With an M4 thru-beam type and an M6 reflective type sensor, the user has a series of miniature photoelectric sensors at his disposal. In addition to being quick and easy to install, the EX-30 series sensors' integrated signal amplifier, stable mechanical properties, and robust, zinc housing make it an attractive alternative to photoelectric sensors with fiber cables.


  • Threaded design (M4 thru-beam type and M6 reflective type)
  • Response time only 0.5ms
  • New: up to 35% less power consumption
  • New: improved ambient light immunity
  • Red LED
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted (EX-32, EX-33)
  • 2-color LED indicator
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • Light ON/dark ON modes (EX-33)


  • Slit masks
  • Sensor mounting bracket
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Sensors Photoelectric EX-30 applications Panasonic Industry
  • Detecting quantity of labels in label magazine
    Detects the remaining amount of labels by the thickness of the roll.
  • Detecting ICs
    Detects whether ICs are accurately placed in IC trays.
  • Resin bottle detection
    The EX-32A threaded photo electric sensor confirms the arrival of bottles.


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