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Photovoltaic MOSFET driver

High voltage to directly drive the gate of Power MOSFET, high current for fast charging of MOSFET gate.
Photovoltaic MOSFET driver Panasonic Industry

Choose your power: high current or high voltage output

Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers provide a galvanic separation between control circuits and the power output semiconductors. The new high power type APV3111GVY can even directly switch MOSFETs with a very low ON resistance, thanks to an output voltage of 18V, which saves additional amplifier parts on the PCB. When it comes to high speed switching with high current requirement, APV1111GVY stands out with an unrivalled output current of 45μA. Drive directly - and save parts, time and money.

Key features

  • Miniature SSOP package
  • 45μA output current
  • 18V output voltage
  • 1,500V isolation voltage
  • −40 to +85°C ambient temperature
  • Low control current
  • Integrated discharge circuit

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Industrial automation

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