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Zinc-Carbon batteries

For decades, we have produced and packed nearly all of our Zinc-Carbon batteries for the European market in Gniezno, Poland, contributing to the development of society in the region.
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The solution for less complex and cost-sensitive applications

Panasonic's Zinc-Carbon batteries are the standard solution for applications which do not require high voltages but would still benefit from extraordinary performance. With years of production experience to call on, Panasonic delivers best-in-class performance for zinc-carbon battery technology parameters. Our batteries are ideal for applications such as alarm clocks, remote controls, radios, flashlights etc.

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  • Established, reliable battery technology
  • Outstanding price and quality
  • Excellent performance affordability (cost per hour)
  • Mostly made in Europe


Remote controls
Flashlights etc.

How looks a Zinc-Carbon battery inside?

Battery: Zinc carbon Battery inside

This Panasonic 3D Graphic gives an insight into the inner working of a zinc-carbon battery and provides an excellent overview of the battery materials (electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.).

1 Paper plate

2 Insulator

3 Anode (zinc can)

4 Positive pole

5 Polyethylene gasket

6 Tube

7 Carbon stick

8 Cathode (manganese)

9 Negative pole