Electromechanical and semiconductor relays panasonic industry

PF relay: slim size; 6A; bent pin type available

Ideal for space-critical applications. Clearance distance 6.0mm (min.) & creepage distance 8mm (min.)
PF power relay shadow

6A relay with 5mm width made in Europe

Made in Europe, highly safe and compact enough to be utterly relevant for manifold applications: PF relay is available either with 1xNO or 1xNC contact and able to switch up to 6A 250V AC as well as high inductive loads such as AC15, DC13. Albeit its minimized dimensions, the relay shows an unrivaled insulation resistance as it withstands 4.000 V breakdown voltage or 6.000 V surge breakdown voltage, respectively. The creepage distance between contact and coil terminal is min. 8.0 mm and the clearance distance is min. 6.0 mm. The PF relays renders compliant with various safety standards (VDE, UL/C-UL).

Key Features

  • 1 Form A and 1 Form C
  • Small size 28 x 15 x 5 mm
  • Switching capacity of 6A 250 VAC
  • Resistance to heat and fire: EN60335-1, clause 30 (GWT)
  • 4KV breakdown voltage & 6KV surge breakdown voltage
  • Sealed construction / RTIII
  • Gold clad contacts available
  • Coil voltage 4.5V up to 60V
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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation Panasonic Industry
  • Interface relays for PLC
  • Robots
  • Timers, counters, temperature controllers

Building Automation

Building Automation application Panasonic Industry
  • Security equipment
  • IoT applications
  • Printer


Measuring application Panasonic Industry
  • Test equipment
  • I/O boards
  • Output relay


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