Industrial connectors

Small and though SMT connectors to downsize your design.
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Narrow Pitch Connectors

Today’s electronic components are expected to meet stringent demands: They have to be as compact as possible and provide maximum reliability. To fulfil these requirements, Panasonic engineers have developed narrow-pitch connectors that utilize TOUGH CONTACT technology. In addition to their excellent shock and vibration resistance, these connectors feature an ultra slim profile, which makes them ideally suited for applications where space is valuable. Our versatile in-device connector product range offers the appropriate solution for practically any scenario.


Board-to-Board connectors

Board-to-board is a connection type with two connector halves (socket / header). This type is used when space limitations make it necessary to stack printed circuit boards or when small-module circuit boards are mounted on a motherboard. Board-to-board enables parallel connections between printed circuit boards with one-to-one signal transmission.

Board-to-FPC connectors

Board-to-FPC connectors

Board-to-FPC connectors are used to connect flexible and rigid circuit boards. This connection type is often used for small modules (such as camera modules and display panels) requiring a connection to the motherboard or in places where other routing options are not feasible due to space limitations.

FPC / FFC connector

FPC / FFC connector

FPC / FFC is a one-piece type connector that makes the connection with a directly-inserted FFC or FPC and locks it by means of a lever. This type of connector can be used in a wide range of digital devices when a low profile or the horizontal insertion of flex is required.

Further connectors that might interest you

High-current Type

High-current type available with different setups and a high-current rating of up to 10A for power lines.