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Push switches

Robust design and top performance.

Panasonic offers Push Switches with the possibility of reflow as well as wave soldering. Both Versions are available in self-locking  and non-locking type. The push travel up to 3.5mm is being realized with a variety of push forces offering excellent Haptics.


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Our product line-up

Push Switch

ESB 30

Automotive qualified
Long travel type

Lock travel: 1,5mm
Full travel: 2,3mm
Operating force: 3N
Push Switch

ESB 33

Automotive qualified
Low profile
Wide available range for reflow soldering

Lock travel: 2,5mm
Full travel: 3,5mm
Operating force: 2N/3,5N
Push Switch

ESE20C / 20D Momentary

Automotive qualified
User-frendly tactile feedback when operated

Full travel: 2,5mm
Operating force: 2N/4N