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Battery Pack Design

We offer expertise in terms of customized battery pack design and production for decades to our customers. A world-wide engineering team benefits from thousands of successful realized projects.

Battery Pack Design

The manufacturing of high quality battery packs require a stringent design. At Panasonic, this process starts with an analysis of your needs, and ends up with a successful launch in mass production. Our European engineering team, together with your R&D, has a tight connection with worldwide Panasonic engineering teams.

The cell manufacturer is the right battery pack designer for your application

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A strong Project Management is done throughout the total product development phase. Your R&D Team will be interfaced with our local European engineering team. You will benefit from the support of experienced battery engineers specialized in electronics, mechanics, software and cell technology. You can then concentrate so much better on what really matters for you: designing the best application.

High expertise in battery pack design

Batteries Packs & Module

Take advantage from Panasonic Group expertise in cell and battery pack manufacturing for more than 50 years. Panasonic cell expertise, mechanical engineering, electronical design, software engineering, test laboratories will be at your service to bring your battery project into reality.

Value Engineering

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Our engineering department is committed to value engineering and optimizing battery production, by developing 2D/3D design as well as defining the assembly steps in close relationship with our manufacturing plants and other engineering team worldwide.  Our battery design will be made in accordance with Panasonic design standard and safety policy, and with any requested certifications.

Local interface to simplify your project?

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Our customers are involved in every phase of the project with the support of our local European multi-cultural team. Our Panasonic local team will communicate with our manufacturing sites, IEEEC accredited Certification bodies and others, and keeping you always informed.