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Laser marking products


Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser Marker Systems

Our fiber laser markers and CO₂ Laser Marking Systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for numerous different materials, and are extremely precise.

Fiber laser marking products

laser marker LP-RF teaser
Laser marking


Easy handling Fiber Laser Marking System: For simple plastic and metal applications.
Laser marker LP-RV teaser
Laser marking


Highly flexible short pulse Laser Marking System: For metal and plastic applications with extra small characters and high contrast.
Laser marking


Our LP-Z series is equipped with 3D functionality and is particularly suitable for the marking of concave or convex surfaces.
laser marker LP-S teaser
Laser marking


This series has an output power of up to 50W. This significantly facilitates engraving and black marking of tool-grade steels.
laser marker LP-M teaser
Laser marking


For fast, deep markings on metal: The Panasonic LP-M series stands out for its high speed.

CO₂ laser marking products

laser marker LP-GS teaser
Laser marking


High performance in a compact design: The LP-GS series is a CO₂ laser marking system in an astonishingly small housing.
laser marker LP-400 teaser
Laser marking


When speed and functionality come first: The LP-400 series laser marking systems provide high-quality precision results.