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Battery packs and modules

Panasonic is not only a leader in the manuacturing of electro-chemical cells, we have also long experience and high expertise in design and manufacturing of customized and ready-to-use battery packs.

State-of-the-art battery packs

For more than 50 years, Panasonic is manufacturing battery packs on all technologies. Our customers benefit from the expertise of our European based Engineering to develop complete customized battery packs. Our production sites located all around the world can produce all kinds of complex, large-scale and high quality battery packs to be delivered wherever you are.

Our competence in battery packs and modules

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Battery pack & modules

Battery pack design

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Battery pack & modules

Battery pack production

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Safety first

At Panasonic, the safety of our battery products is our top priority. Find out more.

Quality assurance

Designed and produced by following international standards and Panasonic quality level.

Services and certifications

Technical analysis, tests laboratories, simulations, supply chain management, certifications etc. Find out about what more we can do for you.