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Sensors for automotive and industrial applications

ISO26262 safety compliant inertial sensors, thermistors for automotive and infrared sensors for people detection
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Our top product lines

sensors 6-in-1 single

Automotive 6-DoF gyroscope and acceleration inertial sensor

Combined 3-Axis gyroscope and 3-Axis acceleration sensor for automotive safety relevant applications, compliant to ISO26262
sensors grid-eye
Grid-EYE Sensor


Grid-EYE - a 64-pixel infrared array temperature sensor
sensors pa-pir

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors - PaPIRs

The best PIR motion sensors convince with their simple plug-and-play concept and are extremely small and powerful.
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Other available product lines

Pressure sensors

Industrial grade MEMS relative pressure sensors, measuring from vacuum up to 10 bar


Automotive thermistors for water, coolant, oil and air temperature

Particulate matter (PM) sensor, laser type

High precision laser sensor to detect floating particle in the air.