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Matter modules

Matter with Panasonic IoT modules optimized for smart home

Next Generation Smart Home: Developing Matter Products with Panasonic Modules

Matter is a protocol which provides secure and reliable connectivity. It ensures that smart home devices work seamlessly together. Matter creates more connections between more objects, simplifies development for manufacturers, and increases compatibility for consumers.

What is the goal of Matter?

  • Interoperability of different ecosystems​
  • Easier and faster product development​
  • Focus on innovative application​s
  • Better purchasing experience of the customer​
  • Enhanced user experience​
  • Improved security​


Matter over Thread devices

Bluetooth Low Energy modules

(NEW) PAN1770 (nRF52840)

Bluetooth® 5.3, IEEE® 802.15.4 & NFC: The PAN1770 offers the possibility to connect an external antenna via the uFL connector in radio unfriendly enclosure scenarios.
Wireless PAN1780 Bluetooth Low Energy Panasonic Industry
Bluetooth Low Energy modules

PAN1780 (nRF52840)

Bluetooth® 5.3, IEEE® 802.15.4 & NFC: The PAN1780 offers high design flexibility at high performance with its ARM Cortex-M4F, 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM.
wireless connectivity bluetooth-low-energy PAN1783 module
Bluetooth Low Energy

LE Audio: PAN1783 - Coming soon

The PAN1783 is a Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (LE) module based on the Nordic nRF5340 single chip controller featuring isochronous channels and LE audio.

Matter over Wi-Fi devices

Wi-Fi modules

PAN9028 (88W8987)

Wi-Fi® 5 2.4/5.0 GHz Dual Band + Bluetooth® 5.2 Combo Module enabling very high data rates & specifically designed for highly integrated applications
wireless connectivity wi-fi-6 PAN9019 module
Wi-Fi Modules

Coming soon: PAN9019(A)

The PAN9019 is a dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 companion module with integrated Bluetooth BDR/EDR/Low Energy (LE) and optionally 802.15.4 radio (PAN9019A Variant).


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