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Circuit protection

Panasonic offers a variety of solutions for circuit protection including several types of ESD protection device, common mode filters and a wide range of thermistors
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Our product lines

circuit protection multilayer maristor

ESD protection devices

Wide variety of products available by adopting multilayer construction, achieving wide range of usage, such as automotive and general electronics.
circuit-protection esd-suppressor
ESD protection

ESD suppressor

ESD suppressors have excellent electrostatic-noise suppression and ESD withstanding characteristics and ultra low capacitance.
circuit protection multilayer NTC thermistors
Multilayer NTC thermistors

A wide selection of NTC thermistors

NTC Thermistors contribute to high accuracy temperature sensing and high reliability.
circuit-protection common.mode-noise-filter
Common mode filters

A wide range of common mode filters; good signal integrity

This noise suppression device is used for signal integrity enhancement and common mode noise suppression.
passives circuit-protection micro-chip-fuse

Micro chip fuses

A quick-action chip fuse for protecting a secondary circuit. It is used for preventing e.g. smoke emission or fire caused by an overcurrent.