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State-of-the-art Lithium batteries

Due to their proven reliability, lithium battery technologies are becoming more and more important, enabling demanding applications to be powered.
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High quality Lithium batteries

Today, Panasonic's Lithium battery technologies are becoming more and more important. Because of their superior quality and performance characteristics these batteries are able to power a broad range of applications. Find out why Panasonic is especially emphasizing its famous BR and CR technologies which have set the standard for outstanding quality in the market for many years.

Our top products

Lithium batteries

Lithium cylindrical type batteries (CR series/long life type)

These Lithium cylindrical batteries offer both excellent high-rate discharge performance and a long service life. Ideal for industrial equipment.
Lithium batteries

Lithium coin type batteries for high temperatures (CR A & B series)

These CR series Lithium coin type batteries have excellent discharge characteristics and can be used in high ambient temperature conditions.
Lithium batteries

Lithium cylindrical type batteries (BR series)

BR series Lithium batteries are ideal for applications that demand long-term power supply reliability and/or need to handle a wide temperature range.

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Lithium coin type batteries (BR series)

Panasonic Lithium BR series coin type batteries feature a high energy density and exhibit a stable performance at higher ambient temperatures.

Lithium coin type batteries for high temperatures (BR-A series)

The high energy density and special materials used for gasket and separator make this series the ideal energy source in severe temperature conditions.

Lithium cylindrical type batteries (CR series/standard type)

These batteries boast an enlarged electrode surface area and safety features, and permit high currents to be drawn. They are user-replaceable.

Lithium coin type batteries (CR series)

These batteries have a proven track record of excellence in high current applications. Panasonic has many years of manufacturing experience.

Lithium pin type batteries (BR series)

Panasonic offers batteries with a unique pin shape and space-saving design to meet the requirements of size-restricted applications.

The new CR-LAZ cylindrical Lithium battery (long life type)


Our new CR-LAZ Lithium battery is especially designed for applications such as

  • Gas meters, water meters, gateways, fire alarms, IoT / sensing devices etc.


  • Enables a long-term operation of devices which is difficult to replace batteries  frequently
  • Wide range operating temperature
  • Excellent high-pulse discharging performance

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Name File type Size Date Language
PDF Lithium batteries leaflet - Brandschutz (german) Flyer, Leaflet 299KB 20.10.2020 Deutsch
PDF Lithium whitepaper - battery characteristics Whitepaper 2MB 20.10.2020 Deutsch
PDF Lithium batteries leaflet - fire prevention systems Flyer, Leaflet 298KB 20.10.2020 English
PDF Short-Form-Catalog.pdf Short-Form-Catalog.pdf 7MB English
PDF Lithium batteries handbook Manual 13MB English
PDF Lithium batteries leaflet Metering.pdf Leaflet 2MB English


  • Low self-discharge
  • Decades of mass production experience
  • Superior designed battery ranges
  • Proven reliability

Lithium battery whitepaper - insights into technologies

Batteries: Lithium Group Whitepaper Panasonic Industry

White papers are publicly available documents written by specialists about a specific technical issue. As such, they are of considerable value to professional users. Our whitepaper 'Lithium Primary Battery Characteristics is intended to give an overview of the requirements and characteristics of current lithium technologies.


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Safety in automotive battery applications

Motor vehicles are becoming safer, and there are fewer accidents. Part of the reason for this is the increased use of effective safety and assistance systems. These systems often use industrial batteries from Panasonic, which are designed for long life, robust stability and high reliability. Watch our latest video!

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Measuring as much as you can – greater safety with Panasonic batteries

Buildings are equipped with extensive safety and metering technology. These systems not only ensure the convenient supply of gas, water and electricity, but also make use of these resources more economically and more safely -as an example, they can provide a warning of potential dangers. Many of these applications use industrial batteries from Panasonic. Take a look at our video!

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Comparison of primary Lithium chemistry

lithium_category_comparison-of-lithium-primary-chemistry Panasonic Industry

Please study the comparison overview to understand why Panasonic is especially emphasizing its famous BR and CR technologies which for years have become the industry standard for outstanding quality. Have a look  in our handbook!