PAN1770 (nRF52840)


The PAN1770 is a Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (LE) module based on the nRF52840 single chip controller and the antennaless version of the flagship PAN1780.

The Bluetooth 5.3 features additionally a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps using the high-speed LE 2M PHY or a significantly longer range using the LE coded PHY at 500 kb/s or 125 kb/s. Furthermore, the new LE advertising extensions allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcast in connectionless scenarios. An output power of up to 8 dBm and the industry leading sensitivity of the nRF52840 in combination with the LE coded PHY make the module very attractive in applications, where a long range is required. In addition, the ultra-low current consumption of the PAN1770 makes the module an ideal choice for battery powered devices. With Cortex® M4F processor, 256 kB RAM and the build-in 1 MB flash memory the PAN1770 can easily be used in standalone mode, thereby eliminating the need for an external processor, saving complexity, space, and cost. The PAN1770 also supports Type 2 Near Field Communication (NFC A) for use in simplified pairing and payment solutions (external antenna required). 

Technical Specification


Performance characteristics

Order number

ENW89854C1KF (Standard)

Production status Mass production
RF category Bluetooth® 5.3 Low Energy, IEEE® 802.15.4, NFC
Software/profile Nordic Connect SDK
Used IC nRF52840
Rx sensitivity -95 dBm @1Mb/s,-103 dBm @125kb/s
Tx power max +8 dBm
Antenna option uFL Connector
Size (l x w x h) [mm] 15.6 x 8.7 x 2.0
Power supply [V] 1.7 to 5.5
Power consumption Tx 4.8 mA @0dBm (3.3V)
Power consumption Rx 4.8 mA (3.3V)
Power consumption sleep <1 µA
Interfaces GPIO, UART, QSPI, I2C, I2S, PDM, ADC, PWM, NFC-A, USB2.0
Microcontroller ARM® Cortex®-M4F
Memory 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM
Speciality Integrated 32kHZ Crystal
Certification CE RED / FCC / ISED / Wirepas
Operating temperature -40 to +85 °C
Standard packaging QTY 1500 pcs

Why use external Antenna?


In many devices or applications, the radio waves emitted by the chip antenna can be blocked or reflected by the metallic housing. This makes it difficult to receive the radio signal from the outside.

This circumstance can be counteracted if the external antenna is mounted outside the housing. The PAN1770 makes it possible to easily attach an external antenna by cable through the uFL connector and thus redirect the radio waves outside the housing.

Evaluation Boards

Wireless connectivity evaluation board PAN1770 EVB Panasonic Industry

The evaluation board for PAN1770 features

  • PAN1770 module
  • PULSE W1030 Antenna + TE cable
  • Segger J-Link on-board Debugger
  • FTDI UART-USB converter
  • 4 User Buttons
  • 4 User LEDs
  • Native USB interface
  • NFC interface
  • Access to several GPIOs
  • Arduino form factor
P/N Package includes Stock Search
ENW89854CXKF 1x PAN1770 Evaluation Board Standard BUY
ENW89854CZKF 1x PAN1770 Evaluation Board APPROTECT BUY

PAN1770 EVB documentation


Get all the technical information on the PAN1770 Evaluation Board here!

Contents of the Wireless Connectivity Development Hub:

  • User Manual for the PAN1770 EVB
  • Downloadable schematics of the Evaluation Boards (EVBs) as reference design

Click here: PAN1770 - Wireless Connectivity Development Hub


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PDF PAN1770 Outdoor Monitoring Flyer Flyer 2MB 29.03.2023 English


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PDF Report of Confirmation of EU RoHS (Wireless Modules) Environmental, RoHS 3MB 08.02.2023 English
PDF Report of Confirmation of EU REACh (Wireless Modules) Environmental, REACh 3MB 08.02.2023 English


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