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Multilayer varistors

Wide variety of products available by adopting multilayer construction, achieving wide range of usage, such as automotive and general electronics.
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About the multilayer chip varistor

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors construction

Varistor stands for Variable Resistor.

It’s a voltage nonlinear resistor/voltage-dependent resistor which changes resistance value depending on applied voltage.
It is a ceramic electronic component and it's used to protect electronic equipment from the abnormal voltage, such as ESD (Electrostatic) and surge.


  • Achieve ESD protection excellent effect by own ceramics materials and process technology.
  • It is possible to replace from the Zener diode, which contributes to reducing the size and weight of the equipment.
  • The wide product line up of the laminate structure and applicable to wide range of applications from high-speed signal lines to the power supply.

Voltage vs. current

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors Voltage-vs.-Current

Varistors' voltage/current characteristics are different from a normal fixed resister and resistance value is changed by applied voltage widely!

What is the function of multilayer varistor?

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors Current-Voltage characteristics

Current-Voltage characteristics

Multilayer varistors protect electronic equipment from ESD (electrostatic discharge) by utilizing the characteristics of changing resistance values depending on applied voltage!

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors ESD-suppression-mechanism

ESD suppression mechanism

  1. Invading ESD into equipment.
  2. The resistance value of Varistor decreases rapidly by applied voltage exceeding varistor voltage.
  3. Varistor bypasses excessive current to a GND.
  4. Suppress ESD voltage and protect IC.
circuit-protection multilayer-varistors ESD_suppression_effect

ESD suppression effect (example)

Multilayer varistors have excellent ESD suppression effect.

circuit-protection multilayer varistors ESD suppression_effect graph

Types and applications of ESD countermeasure components

Multilayer Varistor is mainly applied to general signal circuits and automotive ECU; it can be applied to various devices.

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors Types applications_ESD

Application example: Smartphones

Multilayer varistor is used in small electronic devices, TVs and AV equipment, including smartphones as a countermeasure component for ESD from the human body.

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors Smartphone

Application example: Automotive equipment (ECU)

circuit-protection multilayer-varistors Automotive-equipment

Multilayer Varistor is applied to general signal lines and power lines of automotive equipment.

  1. ECU for body
    (Size 0402 / DC30V / V1mA 42V / 56pF max.)
  2. LAN communication lines (CAN, LIN)
    (Size 0402 / DC16V / V1mA 27V  /20pF max.)
  3. Car navigation system
    (Size 0402 / DC16V / V1mA 27V / 20pF max.)
  4. Back monitor camera
    (Size 0603 / DC16V / V1mA 27V / 100pF max.)
  5. Power seat
    (Size 0603 / DC16V / V1mA 27V / 20pF max.)
  6. Keyless entry device
    (Size 0402 / DC11V / V1mA 18V / 150pF max.)

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