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Lithium cylindrical type batteries (CR series/standard type)

These batteries feature an enlarged electrode surface and allow a current of several amperes to be drawn. In addition they are ideal for equipment that requires the battery to be replaced by the user.
Lithium Cylindrical CR series standard.png

User-replaceable Lithium batteries

These CR series standard Lithium cylindrical batteries feature a good pulse discharge capability, an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C, a self-discharge rate at 20°C of just 1.0% per year and a stable operating voltage. Our batteries can power applications such as medical equipment, door locking systems, marine devices, sanitary equipment, high energy flashlights etc.

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  • Good pulse discharge capability
  • Operating temperature range: between -40°C to +70°C
  • Self-discharge rate at 20°C just 1.0% per year
  • Stable operation voltage


Medical equipment
Door lock systems
Marine devices
High energy flashlights
Sanitary equipment etc.

CR series Lithium cylindrical - inside the battery

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Do you want to look inside a Lithium cylindrical battery? This 3D graphic shows the inner working of such a device and gives an excellent overview of the battery materials (electrodes, gasket, insulator, poles, etc.).

1 Positive pole

2 Vent diaphragm

3 Gasket

4 Separator

5 Anode (lithium)

6 Cathode (manganese dioxide)

7 Tube

8 Insulator

9 PTC (positive temperature coefficient device)

10 Collector

11 Cell can

12 Negative pole

How to read the model numbers used for Lithium batteries

As a general rule the model number contains two capital letters and one or more digits as shown in the example, (exceptions can occur). This numbering system is supported by the Japan International Standard Committee of Clocks and Watches and is also an established practice in Japan.

CR - 123A

C- manganese dioxide lithium battery
R 123- battery size
A- battery diameter