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Laser Marker Accessories extraction units

Extraction units

Depending on the material, gases and small particles can be set free during the laser welding process. We deliver the right extraction solution for your application. You can choose from a wide range of extraction units and count on our consulting.

Laser Marker Accessories Protective goggles for fiber laser markers

Protective goGgles for laser welding systems

These laser protective goggles are specially designed for use with a Panasonic Fiber Welding Laser. The googles offer a pleasant wearing comfort and at the same time universal protection. They are extraordinarily lightweight, with an excellent and comfortable fit, and enable excellent all-round visibility. These protective goggles also comply with European laser safety standards EN 207 / EN 208.

Laser Welding Workstation Panasonic Industry

Touch panel for laser welding system

The LP-ADP50 touch panel allows quick and simple operation of the Panasonic Laser Welding System VL-W1. The intuitive operation of the touch panel enables a flexible handling during the production process. The positioning of the welding geometry as well as the various process parameters of the VL-W1 series can be effortlessly controlled via the touch panel.


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PDF Brochure: Extraction Systems - LFE Series Catalog, Brochure 2.7 MB 01.02.2021 English
PDF Brochure: Extraction Systems - LFE Series Catalog, Brochure 591.8 KB 01.02.2021 German