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Aesthetic integration – Flat Square Type

With its flat and square lens, the pyroelectric passive infrared motion sensor allows an aesthetically pleasing product design.
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PaPIR Flat Square Type hero

For an aesthetically pleasing product design

The new "Flat Square Type" can be integrated almost invisibly into any product, thanks to its inconspicuous flat and square lens which hides the typical motion detector look. This sensor is suitable for ceiling-, wall- or corner- mounting and can therefore be used in countless product designs. This passive infrared motion sensor extends the PaPIRs families EKMC (170μA) for battery-free and EKMB (1μA, 2μA and 6μA) for battery-operated devices.

Key features

  • Typical detection distance: 5m
  • Max. detection zone area (rectangular): 9.3m x 9,3m @3m
  • Dimensions top lens: 9.6mm x 9.6mm
  • Sensor height: 10,9mm
  • Digital output (open drain) with 1, 2, 6 & 170μA
  • Analog output (op-amp) with 170μA
  • Analog type includes integrated amplifier circuitry
  • Lens colors: white, pearl white, and black


Smart home temperature controller
  • Thermostats & control sensors
  • Air conditioners & purifiers
  • Ventilators


Sportshall applications
  • Lighting control sensors
  • Slim luminaires
  • Spacial lamps


IP camera
  • Multisensors
  • Wake-up switch for AI devices
  • Displays