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HG-C measurement sensor

Laser measurement sensor for object detection with a repeatability of 10μm.
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HG-C series

As compact as a photoelectric sensor, the CMOS laser sensor allows to display actual measured distance as accurately as a displacement sensor.

  • Accurate & Linearity: +/-0.1% F.S.
  • Compact & light weight W20mm x H44mm x D25mm
  • Precise level detection, Repeatability: 10μm
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HG-C measurement sensor applications Panasonic Industry
  • Measuring the hoop slack
  • Checking for presence of O ring
  • Controlling the height of a robot
  • Controlling the dispenser head height


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ZIP HG-C 2D Data CAD 12 KB 07.07.2015
ZIP HG-C 3D Data CAD 232.3 KB 07.07.2015
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