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Bluetooth® Classic modules

Since the first Bluetooth standard from 1999, many steps in technology have been made - making Panasonic's Bluetooth classic modules state-of-the-art.
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Bluetooth® Classic

Industry experts have predicted that approximately 500 billion devices will be wirelessly linked together throughout all fields of private, business or industrial contexts by 2030. Wireless technology is very likely to further revolutionize data processing, storage, and exchange. However, energy efficiency is a crucial task for state-of-the-art Bluetooth or WiFi technology.

Bluetooth® is a standard designed and administered by the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (BT SIG). Conceived as a 2.4GHz wireless standard to replace wired headsets in 1999, Bluetooth® has grown in both scope and capability. Bluetooth Classic was developed for continuous data streaming including voice transmission, has replaced wired technology in many areas, and has not only found its way into the consumer market but also into industrial and medical applications.

Bluetooth® Classic modules include basic rate and enhanced data rate


PAN1026A: Full Bluetooth® compatibility

Bluetooth® dual mode module (BR & LE 4.2): Highly-integrated Bluetooth controller that delivers high-speed operation at low power consumption.
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Bluetooth Classic modules

PAN1326C2: HCI Performer

The Bluetooth® Dual Mode Module (BR, EDR, LE 5.1) allows to connect to Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy with one module.
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Wi-Fi modules

PAN9026: Panasonic Allround Solution Module

Wi-Fi® 2.4/5.0 GHz + Bluetooth® Classic and Low Energy offers simultaneous and independent WiFi & Bluetooth operation.
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Classic with a perspective


Bluetooth Classic still is, and will further be, an essential component of the industrial Internet of Things: For sensor hubs, for factory automation processes and wherever there are still cables to be replaced...


  • Sensor Hubs
  • Factory Automation
  • Cable Replacement


Part of the smart home


Whether it's about wireless audio entertainment systems or access points, there are almost no smart homes without classical Bluetooth transmission features.


  • Wireless Audio
  • Access Points

A health issue…


Bluetooth eases health data processing in manifold applicatons in the fitness as well as in the medical sector, such as various sensors.


  • Healthcare Accessoires
  • Fitness Sensors