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Active Optical Connector (AOC)

High-speed optical transmission by electrical connector. Data transmission up to 16Gbps. Excellent noise reduction and electrical isolation.
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Optical connection

The V series achieves a high-speed optical fiber connection in electronic devices by using an electric connector. High-speed data transmission is made easy with the Active Optical Connector due to its noise reduction and electrical isolation capability. The Active Optical Connector is optimally suited for all environments where electromagnetic interferences are prevalent but electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) needs to be assured.

  • Electro-optic conversion structure inside the plug
  • Bi-directional high-speed and wideband data transmission
  • Excellent noise reduction and electrical isolation
  • Easy mounting with connector
  • Suitable for installation in small devices thanks to its compact design

Our top product lines

Active Optical Connector (AOC)

V series: 1 channel bi-directional

High speed transmission, 20Mbps to 8Gbps (max.) per channel.
Active Optical Connector (AOC)

V series: 2 channel uni-directional

High speed signal transmission from 20Mbps to 16Gbps (max.) in total (20Mbps to 8Gbps/ch).

Do you have any of these problems or issues?

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Currently using electrical transmission but...

  • Want to work on high-quality and long-distance high-speed transmission
  • Limited noise and isolation measures in high-speed transmission
  • Want to work on wire-saving for high-speed transmission

Currently using optical transmission but...

  • Want to reduce power consumption and heat dispersion
  • Want to improve workability of connection, wiring and maintenance
  • Want to work on miniaturization and reduce weight of equipment
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