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Li-Ion prismatic type batteries

Each single Li-Ion battery cell is the perfect combination of superior battery performance, long-life and safety: this is what Panasonic stands for.
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Li-Ion prismatic batteries - a perfect combination

Our Li-Ion batteries feature an excellent energy density and their high voltage ensures small battery dimensions. They are able to supply stable power with a flat discharge voltage and a high reliability. Last but not least, their low self-discharge is impressive. The usage of our Li-Ion batteries requires a safety unit. Our Li-Ion prismatic cells are particularly designed for POS terminals etc.

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  • Excellent energy density and high voltage ensures small battery dimensions
  • Stable power supply with a flat discharge voltage
  • Low impressive self-discharge
  • The usage of our Li-Ion batteries requires a safety unit
  • Excellent battery safety on one hand, and superior battery performance on the other: this is what Panasonic stands for


UPS systems
Portable POS terminals
GPS devices
Shavers etc.

How to read the model numbers used for Li-Ion batteries

The model numbers are normally indicated using two upper case English letters and three or more digits, as shown in the example. This numbering system gives the user information about the battery capacity, the dimensions and so on.

NCA - 752836A

NC - Lithium Ion battery
A- prismatic
75- thickness of the battery (in mm)
28- width of the battery (in mm)
36 - battery height (in mm)
A- appendix stands for battery performance characteristics