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Titanium rechargeable lithium coin batteries (MT series)

These rechargeable lithium coin MT batteries provide a capacity which is more than 10 times that of capacitors of the same size.
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MT series - excellent capacity/size ratio compared with capacitors

These manganese titanium rechargeable lithium (MT) coin batteries use a lithium manganese complex oxide for the positive pole and a special lithium-titanium complex oxide for the negative pole. They provide a capacity which is more than 10 times that of capacitors of the same size. Typical applications include the main power supply in watches and memory back-up for pagers, timers, etc.

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  • 500 charge-discharge cycles up to 1V or discharge limit voltage (at 100% depth of discharge (DoD))
  • Superior long-term reliability
  • 25+ years of experience in production


Rechargeable watches etc.

How to read the model numbers used for lithium batteries

As a general rule, the model number contains two capital letters and one or more digits as shown in the example (variations can be expected). This numbering system is supported by the Japan International Standard Committee of Clocks and Watches and is an established practice in Japan.

MT - 920

M - titanium lithium battery
T- round
9- battery diameter (in mm)
20- divide this by 10 to obtain the battery height (in mm)