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Servo drives

We develop environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency, high-performance motors which help you to innovate your equipment.

Servo drives for high dynamic applications

Servo drives tailored to individual needs in combination with ever more powerful programmable logic controllers are still one of the most important requirements for a modern and powerful automation system.

MINAS series servo drives are available from 50W to 15kW. Extensions later up to 22kW. 

Power supply: 200/400V AC, 24/48V DC.

Please find our wide range of highly dynamic servo drive series here

MINAS A6 servo drives Panasonic Industry
Servo drives

MINAS A6 servo drives

Highly dynamic servo drives with state-of-the-art technology.
MINAS A6 Multi servo driver
Servo drives

MINAS A6 Multi servo drives

400V servo drive system in a compact, modular design for maximum performance.
MINAS LIQI servo drives
Servo drives

MINAS LIQI servo drives

The proven and inexpensive servo drive.
Servo drives MINAS​ 24/48V DC
Servo drives

MINAS​ 24/48V DC

Especially in areas where humans and machines interact, motors with voltages below 50V are used because this minimizes the risk for the operator.