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Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Heat and Electricity

Green Hydrogen – fuel of a sustainable future

Outlook for a “hydrogen society”

Our hydrogen fuel cells are being developed by using the technology and know-how from the natural-gas fuel-cell Ene-Farm, which is already established in the market and known for its reliability and high quality (accumulated production : 200,000 units since 2009).

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Features of 5kW hydrogen fuel cell

  • Scalable
  • High electrical efficiency (5kW: 56%) (in case of co-generation use, total efficiency will be 95%)
  • Possible with co-generation (additional heat unit /e.g. tank) is needed)
  • Quick start-up (1 min)
  • Durability 
    • long lifetime (90.000 hours of 4.500 on/off)
    • low maintenance cycle (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) technology, more flexible to switch on/off than SOFC)
  • Quiet operation

Frequently asked questions on fuel cell technology sales and implementation

Stay tuned – we’ll continuously amend the FAQs with any relevant updates.


Support, Portfolio and Partnerships

Is Panasonic Industry producing and offering electrolyzers?
No, Panasonic Industry does not distribute Hydrogen Generation systems, but provides next-gen technologies for it.

Does Panasonic Industry have and recommend partners for electrolyzers?
Yes, contact us for more information on our partners offering that particular technology and services.

Is Panasonic Industry a manufacturer of H2 tanks? 
Panasonic Industry offers super insulation material which is tailored to cryogenic applications, but does not offer tanks as such.

Does Panasonic Industry have and recommend partners for H2 tanks?
Yes, contact us for more information on our partners offering that particular technology and services.

Is Panasonic Industry producing and offering photovoltaic panels?
Panasonic Industry terminated its own production of Silicon based panels, setting the further focus on perovskite technology.

Does Panasonic Industry have and recommend partners for comprehensive system integration?
Yes, contact us for more information on our partners offering reliable system integration.


Availability, Sales and Certification

Is there a demonstrator for the technology in Europe?
As of today, there is already a Panasonic demonstrator in Japan, demonstrating smart factory or smart city use cases. Additionally, we are working on a corresponding demo installation in Europe – stay tuned and get informed when we are ready!

When will the European / CE certified version be available - as prototype and for mass production?
Panasonic Industry is working on releasing regionally certified versions in the very near future. Please contact us for the state of the release and certification progress. 

Can you provide us with a cost estimation?
For this, we would like to learn more on your specific project requirements and timelines. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Is Panasonic Industry offering a general project assessment?
Yes – Get in contact with us. We can make a first level assessment and guide you trough the project journey.

Is Panasonic Industry already working with distributors in this field?
Our recommendation would be to contact us directly and individually with your business request – we are confident to offer you the best sales channels.


Technology, Specification and Implementation 

Is there a possibility to use the heat generated by the system?
Yes, the system is compatible for co-generation applications harvesting heat and power. Contact us for learning more on further integration that might be required to use the generated heat.

Can the system be preliminarily operated with LNG before being switched to H2?
Panasonic Industry’s first generation devices have been operated merely with natural gases. With the integration of Hydrogen in the gas grid, the upcoming models will support up to 23% of Hydrogen.
In parallel, we are launching a Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell – tailored to pure H2. In theory, this version could use natural gas, but the system would require a gas reformer upfront to extract the Hydrogen.

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RE100 Kusatsu - full-scale use of hydrogen

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smart meter 5kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generator Panasonic Industry

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Suita Sustainable Smart Town (Suita SST)

smart meter suita sustainable smart town suita SST Panasonic Industry

“The aim of business should be to improve people's lives.” Konosuke Matsushita
Almost a century later, Panasonic remains true to these principles. A good example is the company's creation of Sustainable Smart Towns.
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Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Heat and Electricity

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