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Communication units

Web connectivity and communication for modern automation.

Make "remote monitoring & maintenance" intuitive

To build a Smart Factory, Panasonic Industry Europe simplifies the digital technologies to create a collaboration between all the elements present in the production and in the IT infrastructures (operators - machines - tools).

Our top product lines

FP-I4C – Panasonic´s Industrial Communicator
PLC communication units

FP-I4C – Panasonic´s Industrial Communicator

A flexible communication unit for the Industry 4.0 that connects to cloud solutions and databases using standard protocols.
FP Web-Server & FP Web Expansion Unit
PLC communication units

FP Web-Server & FP Web Expansion Unit

An "all-terrain vehicle": total communication, total connectivity everywhere, anytime.


Futureproof the lab

Futureproof the Lab

Lab processes are becoming more complex by the day producing ever-larger data sets. How to manage and analyse this so that results will also be as reproducible and as accurate as possible in the future?
FP-I4C DemoApp Teaser

IIoT -Try it yourself

Experience the limitless connectivity of the FP-I4C in our demo application.