A step towards IoT

To ensure smooth operation on the production floor, it is important to keep the machine downtime to a minimum. The new IO-Link technology permanently generates data on the sensor level and transmits them to a PLC for processing. The result is a large amount of data waiting to be analysed so that they can be used in a meaningful way. The right information helps to take effective measure in the case of a failure in the shortest possible time. To find out at an early stage why a component has failed is a big advantage. Panasonic’s IO-Link sensors are equipped with a self-diagnosis function which outputs individual failure information for each sensor type, for example when the amount of light received has deteriorated. This way, you receive error messages specifically for the problem at hand without extra programming effort.

Thanks to predictive systems, IoT helps to reduce maintenance time. For sensors with a self-diagnosis function, users only need to monitor the parameter value that informs about whether the sensor is still working properly.

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Dual display

DP-100L Dual display Panasonic Industry

A bright, 2-line LED display and different colors make it easy to configure the device and to read the values.

Energy saving (ECO) mode

Sensors Pressure DP-100L Energy saving (ECO) mode Panasonic Industry

Panasonic designs all products with energy efficiency in mind. There are 3 different ECO modes, which can help to reduce the current consumption up to 50 per cent.

Handy panel mounting

DP-100L Handy panel mounting Panasonic Industry

The installation of the DP-100L on a panel is easy and does not require much space.


Sensors Pressure DP-100L applications Panasonic Industry
  • Assembly line downtime caused by failures of the sensor can be avoided thanks to predictive maintenance.
  • Sensors mounted in the production line are often difficult to access so that as a rule is it not possible to make settings manually by pressing the buttons. Sensors capable of remote configuration and maintenance offer a big advantage here.


Cable type

Type Measurement center distance and measuring range Model number Pressure port Output
Low pressure type -1bar to +1bar (-100.0 to +100.0kPa) DP-101ZL3-M-P M5 female thread PNP open-collector transistor
High pressure type -1bar to +10bar (-0.100 to +1.0MPa) DP-102ZL3-M-P

M12 connector type

Type Measurement center distance and measuring range Model number Pressure port Output
Low pressure type -1bar to +1bar (-100.0 to +100.0kPa) DP-101ZL3-M-P-C M5 female thread PNP open-collector transistor
High pressure type -1bar to +10bar (-0.100 to +1.0MPa) DP-102ZL3-M-P-C


Model number Description
MS-DP1-FE DP-100 adapter plate, G1/8 male thread for DP-10_M_(-P)
MSDP12 Mounting bracket for panel mounting of the DP-100
MSDP13 DP-100 front protection cover
2701524 IO-Link master for EtherCAT®
2701496 IO-Link master for EtherNet/IP
2701513 IO-Link master for PROFINET
1408819 Power supply cable for IO-LINK master
1407510 Network cable for IO-LINK PROFINET master, 5m
1408639 Network cable for IO-LINK EtherCAT master, 5m
1408712 Network cable for IO-LINK EtherNet/IP master, 5m


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PDF Brochure Capteurs Catalog, Shortform 32.5 MB 13.09.2021 French
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PDF Catálogo Resumen Sensores Data sheet 30.6 MB 28.04.2021 Spanish
PDF DP-100L Bedienungsanleitung, ME-DP100LV1EN Manual 519.2 KB 16.01.2019 German
ZIP DP-100L IODD software Software 67.1 KB
PDF DP-100L Index List IMJE-DPLINDEXV1EN Manual 180.7 KB 16.01.2019 English
PDF DP-100L Index list, IMJE-DPLINDEX Manual 231.4 KB 18.03.2019 English
PDF DP-100L Indexliste Bedienungsanleitung, IMJE-DPLINDEXV1EN Manual 167.6 KB 16.01.2019 German
PDF DP-100L Instruction Manual, ME-DP100LV1EN Manual 518.3 KB 16.01.2019 English
PDF Overview IO-Link Sensors Flyer 3.7 MB 19.10.2018 English
PDF Programma Sensori Catalog, Shortform 2.6 MB 11.01.2021 Italian
Raccolta Applicazioni Sensori Data sheet 24.2 KB 20.12.2018 Italian
PDF Resumen Sensores IO-Link Flyer 3.6 MB 04.02.2019 Spanish
PDF SC-LG-CEF Configuration Tool User's Manual, WUME-SCLGCT-3 Manual 2.4 MB 14.02.2023 English
PDF SC-LG2-CEF-P User's Manual, WUME-SCLG2CEFP-2 Manual 3 MB 06.10.2022 English
PDF Sensor Selection Guide for Packaging Industry Catalog 14.7 MB 12.07.2022 English
PDF Senzory - Zkrácená verze Catalog, Shortform 10.1 MB 28.01.2013 Czech
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