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Compressors are one of the essential core components at the heart of many appliances.
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"Throughout the world Panasonic is known for manufacturing high quality, reliable products. Our line of compressors continues this tradition. For over 60 years Panasonic has been developing and
innovating compressors. Panasonic has been supplying compressors that are well known to be highly efficient, durable and with reliable performances to the world."

With our vast and rich technical experience, we are serving the needs of different industries ranging from household usage to commercial applications. Panasonic compressors are widely used for refrigerators, water dispensers, air conditioners, cold rooms and HVAC systems.

"With our premium quality compressors, we help worldwide manufacturers to offer products with the highest energy savings. Panasonic continues to innovate as the world becomes more energy conscious."

Compressors (fixed speed)

Rotary Compressors Fixed Speed

Rotary compressors (fixed speed)

Compact design combined with light weight and high efficiency.
scroll compressors

Scroll compressors (fixed speed)

High quality delivered with lightweight design and high efficiency.

Compressors (variable speed)

Rotary Compressors Variable Speed

Rotary compressors (variable speed)

High coefficient of performance while maintaining a low level of vibration and noise.
scroll compressors

Scroll compressors (variable speed)

High quality delivered with compact design and low noise.
Reciprocating Compressors Variable Speed

Reciprocating compressors (variable speed)

Wide range of cooling capacity despite ultra-compact size.


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Refrigerants for compressors

Fulfilling new needs and future requirements to protect the climate.