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GraphiteTIM transfers heat from the power device to the heat sink. With its excellent thermal interface material, it's possible to extend the lifetime of the device.
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GraphiteTIM transfers heat generated from the power device to the heat sink with excellent thermal conductivity, it‘s possible to extend the lifetime of the device.

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GraphiteTIM is designed by Panasonic exclusively for TIM (Thermal Interface Material) used in power modules.
Panasonic Industry’s GraphiteTIM features high performance, simple installation, high reliability, and therefore lower costs of maintenance thanks to our highly crystallized graphite technology.

  1. Low thermal resistance
    The high thermal conductivity and high compressibility effectively fills the voids between the heating device and the cooling device to achieve low thermal resistance.
  2. High reliability
    Very stable chemically for a long period compared to grease, because of its property of hardly changing thermal resistance.
  3. Easy to install
    Easy to handle and install because of the sheet type (Inventory control, Repair and processing).

1. Low thermal resistance

Thermal resistance is reduced by pressure.

GraphiteTIM provides as good low thermal resistance as grease by enough pressure.

thermal solutions graphite TIM Low thermal resistance

2. High reliability

thermal solutions graphite TIM High reliability

Stable heat dissipation for a long period because of no deterioration and no pump out phenomenon by power heat cycle.

3. Easy to install

Easy to handle and install without complicated processes.

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