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HG-F TOF sensor

TOF Sensor for long range measurement.
HG-F1 Sensor
HG-F1 Sensor long range sensing

The laser distance sensor HG-F1 series features a lightweight and high-strength aluminum die-cast case with a built-in TOF sensor module.
The sensor unit boasts a compact and robust body and offers a long-range sensing capability.

UL , CE , CSA , FDA , UKCA approved
UL, CSA : Certified by TÜV SÜD America Inc. (NRTL)

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HG-F sensor

The HG-F1 series sensor is capable of long-distance sensing so it can perform detection from above on a process line involving human workers or inside a robot's operating range from a distance.

Actual measured value can be used for setting / checking the sensing distance

HG-F Sensor, setting checking distance

The sensor unit has a 7-segment display and allows to set threshold values in mm numerically.

When multiple sensor units are used, the conventional setting method requires the adjustment of each sensor in actual operation conditions individually. With the HG-F1 series, the numerical value for the distance set in the first sensor unit can be used as a guideline for setting the distance in the second and other sensor units.


Compact and robust aluminum die-cast body

HG-F Sensor Compact and robust aluminum die-cast body

The HG-F1 series sensor has been downsized by about 80% with regards to the volume of the previous long-range distance sensor model (EQ-500 series).

The unit body is made of aluminum die-cast so it is lightweight and robust.

  1. EQ-500 Series
  2. HG-F1 Series

Easy checking of sensing position

HG-F1 Sensor Easy checking of sensing position

Mode for checking the position of the emitted beam spot

In this mode, the beam emitting power is increased from the normal level and the beam flashes so that the beam spot can be seen clearly even if the sensor unit is installed at a distance. This helps to check that the sensing position is correct.

  1. Power OFF
  2. During measurement
  3. Mode for checking the position of the emitted beam spot. The beam flashes for 2 minutes.

* The beam spot looks differently depending on target materials, ambient conditions, and distances.

Narrow field sensing

HG-F1 Sensor Narrow field sensing

The beam spot is smaller than that of a conventional adjustable-range distance sensor. Therefore, the sensor unit is optimal for detecting objects through a narrow gap.


HG-F1 sesnor applications
  • Checking the installation of door parts
  • Detection of car seats
  • Detection of remaining amount of sheet

Order guide

Measurable range Repeatability Beam diameter Model No. / Material number
NPN output PNP output

250mm to 3000mm

Max. 10mm

Approx. ø10mm at a distance of 1.0m




Designation Model No. / Material No. Description
Simple mounting bracket MS-HG-01 / UMSHG01 Foot-angled mounting bracket


Type NPN output type PNP output type
Sensor model No. HG-F13A-A-N HG-F13A-A-P
SAP material No. UHGF13AAN UHGF13AAP
Measurable range 250 to 3000mm
Displayable range 200 to 3300mm
Repeatability 10mm

30mm (default setting)  It is possible to set a value as low as 1mm in PRO mode

Linearity ± 2% F.S. (at a measuring distance of 500mm to 3000mm)
Temperature characteristics 0.1% F.S./°C
Light source

Red semiconductor laser: Class 1 (JIS / IEC / GB / KS / FDA)

Maximum output: 0.39mW

Peak emission wavelength: 680nm

Beam diameter Approx. ø10mm (typical, at a measuring distance of 1000mm)
Supply voltage 24V DC ±10%, including 10% ripple (P-P)
Power consumption Max. 40mA (at 24V DC supply voltage)
Control output NPN open-collector transistor PNP open-collector transistor
  • Maximum sink current: 50mA
  • Maximum source current: 50mA
  • Applied voltage: max. 30V DC (between control output to 0V)
  • Applied voltage: max. 30V DC (between control output to +V)
  • Residual voltage: max. 1.5V (at 50mA sink current)
  • Residual voltage: max. 1.5V (at 50mA source current)
  • Leakage current: max. 0.1mA
  • Leakage current: max. 0.1mA
Output operation Switchable between Light-ON / Dark-ON (default: Light-ON)
Short-circuit protection Built in (auto-reset type)
Analog output Switchable between voltage output / current output (default: voltage output)
Analog voltage output Output range
  • During normal operation: 0 to +5V (configurable, default: 250 to 3000mm).
  • When an alarm occurs: Either the last value is held, or the output is 0V if the object is too close and +5.2V if the object is too far away.
Output impedance 100Ω
Analog current output Output range
  • During normal operation: +4mA to +20mA configurable, default: 250 to 3000mm).
  • When an alarm occurs: Either the last value is held, or the output is 0mA if the object is too close and +20.8mA if the object is too far away.
Output impedance Max. 250Ω
Response time Switchable between 35ms / 100ms / 300ms / 2000ms (default: 100ms)
External input NPN non-contact input PNP non-contact input
Input condition Input condition
  • Invalid: +8 to + V DC or Open
  • Valid: 0 to +1.2V DC
  • Invalid: 0 to +0.6V DC or Open
  • Valid: +4 to +V DC
  Input impedance: 10kΩ approx. Input impedance: 10kΩ approx.
External input function Switchable between zero set, teaching, or emission stop (default: zero set)
Teaching function Switchable between normal sensing mode (default; 2-point teaching / limit teaching) or window comparator mode (1-point teaching/ 2-point teaching/ 3-point teaching).
Timer function Switchable between ON-delay / OFF-delay / one-shot (default: OFF-delay)
Timer period Switchable between 5ms / 10ms / 25ms / 50ms / 100ms / 250ms / 500ms / 1000ms / 5000ms (default: 5ms)
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category Category I
Ambient altitude Max. 2000m
Environmental resistance Degree of protection IP67 (IEC)
Ambient temperature -10 to +45°C (no dew condensation or icing allowed), storage: -20 to +60°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Ambient light Incandescent light: max. 3000ℓx at the light-receiving face
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz frequency (period: 1 min.), 1.5mm double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance 500m/s2 acceleration (50G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions for three times each
Cable 0.2mm2 5-core composite cable, 2m long
Cable extension Extension up to total 10m is possible with min. 0.3mm2 cable
Material Enclosure: aluminum die-cast, front cover: acrylic, cable: PVC
Weight Net weight: 85g approx., gross weight: 130 g approx.



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PDF HG-F1 Series Installation Manual, MJE-HGF1 Manual 1.4 MB 09.04.2024 English
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PDF Sensor Selection Guide for Packaging Industry Catalog 14.7 MB 12.07.2022 English
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