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Panasonic Laser Marking


PANASONIC Laser Marking Systems since 25 years

Laser marking in high quality

Panasonic has a broad product range comprising many different kinds of fiber laser markers and CO2 Laser Marking Systems.

Thanks to the wide variety of products, our expert team can develop customer-specific marking solutions for any number of applications and industries.
All Panasonic Laser Marking Systems are complemented by an extensive range of accessories designed to work perfectly with our systems.

Our Products

Laser Marker
Laser Marking

Fiber laser & CO₂ laser systems

Our systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for different materials.
Laser Marker Workstation

The housing can also be built custom-configured

The workstations can be used as a standalone system for small-batch and individual production runs.
Laser Marker Accessories

Fume extraction, touch panel & protective goggles

Our range of accessories offers a total package to facilitate safe use of Panasonic Laser Marking Systems.
Laser Marker Service

Feasibility study, product consulting, installation, training & maintenance

Outstanding service is a matter of course for us. It starts by providing first-class advice and extends to global spare part supply.

More Information

Laser Marker Industries

Automotive, electronics, tool making, pharma, packaging & special solutions

Thanks to the wide variety of products, our expert team can develop customer-specific marking solutions for any number of applications and industries.
Laser Marker Materials

Different plastics, metals, glasses & organic materials

With the Panasonic fiber laser marker, it is possible to make permanent, accurate markings on the most varied materials.
Laser Marker Methods

The best laser marking method for your products

From engraving, annealing, foaming, carbonizing to layer removal we look at how best your product can be labeled.


User story

User story Crest Dutch Machinery

Coding and checking, tailored to each new line
LP-ZV Laser Marker News Teaser
New product introductions

New 3D short pulse fiber laser marker LP-ZV by Panasonic Industry

High precision and efficiency, combined with a large marking field and 3D marking option for metal and resin, render the LP-ZV the solution for complex marking requirements
Laser marking

Laser Marking - Customer Reference

The key to success | Close and reliable cooperation is important to us
New product introductions

Laser Marking – NEW Touch Panel

The new touch panel LP-ADP50 replaces the LP-ADP40.
discontinued products teaser

Laser Marking Discontinued

Discontinued Laser Marking, Accessories etc
Laser Marker Portal
Customer Login

Laser Marking Portal

Brochures, Manuals, Software tutorials and much more.
Laser Marking of Stainless-Steel Machine Parts

Laser Marking of Stainless-Steel Machine Parts

Making the right choice for the perfect supplier is not easy. Discover how Panasonic Industry met the requirements of the customer Tradeko.
LP-RH laser marker system
New product introductions

Improved speed and precision: Panasonic Industry presents the new Laser marking system LP-RH

On-the-fly marking at high speeds is only one of the comprehensive features of the LP-RH series
Laser Marking Broschure

Product Portfolio Overview


We develop and design solutions of an impressive variety, keeping the customer’s requirements as a whole always in view. Panasonic's decades of experience in the area of consumer products and industrial automation lay the perfect foundation for the success of our laser marking systems.

Laser Marking Systems Catalog

Do you want to mark your products with a laser?

If yes, please send us some samples and we will show you the best-quality laser marking for your product and application. We are happy top advise you when you send us your requirements together with some samples - simply fill in the request form and let us convince you of the quality of Panasonic's laser marking.


Fill in the request form and send it together with your samples to:

Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH
Laser Marking and Processing Laboratory
Maria-Merian-Strasse 7
85521 Ottobrunn

Sample Marking Request Form
Laser welding other formats Panasonic Industry

Laser Welding Systems

In addition to the Panasonic Laser Marking Systems, we also offer Laser Welding Systems for welding of plastics.

For more information click here.