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Laser marking of various materials

The nature and complexity of the material determine which laser system to use. Panasonic's experts will provide you with the perfect solution in each case. Whether on resin, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, textiles or leather: Finding the best Laser Marking System and the proper procedure is one of our strengths.

Laser Marker Material

Laser marking on plastics

High-contrast and abrasion-free markings on resins are possible using either material foaming, carbonization or bleaching. Panasonic designs both FAYb and CO2 laser markers to guarantee high-quality results irrespective of application.

Appropriate technology:

Laser Marker Materials

Laser marking on metals

Our Laser Marking Systems are able to label virtually any type of metal - including highly complex surfaces. High-speed, high-quality engraving and black marking of metal is possible. High output powers rise to the challenge of special requirements like deep engraving.

Appropriate technology:

Laser Marker Materials

Laser marking on glass and ceramics

Materials such as glass and ceramics place rigorous demands on our customers and the industries they operate in. For this purpose, Panasonic has developed a technology able to apply high-contrast, crack-free markings to glass.

Appropriate technology:

Laser Marker Material

Laser marking on organic materials

Organic materials require special solutions in order to provide them with permanent markings with clear contours. Our experts develop Laser Marking Systems that perfectly address this requirement. Systems whose intensity can be controlled so as to keep heat generation within the desired limits.

Appropriate technology:

Do you want to mark your products with a laser?

If yes, please send us some samples and we will show you the best-quality laser marking for your product and application. We are happy top advise you when you send us your requirements together with some samples - simply fill in the request form and let us convince you of the quality of Panasonic's laser marking.


Fill in the request form and send it together with your samples to:

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Laser Marker
Laser Marking

Fiber laser & CO₂ laser systems

Our systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for different materials.
Laser Marker Workstation

The housing can also be built custom-configured

The workstations can be used as a standalone system for small-batch and individual production runs.
Laser Marker Accessories

Fume extraction, touch panel & protective goggles

Our range of accessories offers a total package to facilitate safe use of Panasonic Laser Marking Systems.
Laser Marker Service

Feasibility study, product consulting, installation, training & maintenance

Outstanding service is a matter of course for us. It starts by providing first-class advice and extends to global spare part supply.