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"Corvina" our remote monitoring & maintenance solution

"Corvina" is a safe Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Solution based on Open-VPN and SSL and allows remote administration of industrial installations.

Corvina Cloud – The IIoT Cloud solution

Corvina Cloud is an application designed for the supervision of plants in a user-friendly manner. Using this application, users and maintenance staff are able to connect to remote machines, to configure users, devices, assign roles and grant permissions. Corvina Cloud is an OpenVPN- and SSL-based solution that allows a seamless connection of diverse remote devices, called endpoints, to a centralized server through gateways. Users who have access to the Corvina Cloud can easily reach the gateways (HM series & FP-I4C) and the endpoints (PLCs, IP cameras) provided they have the necessary access rights.

Corvina Cloud – Benefits for customers

HMI Corvina Cloud – Benefits for customers Panasonic Industry

One central dashboard:

  • A single mouse click gives access to all devices.
  • A standard browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone is sufficient to access the web server on connected devices such as an HM panel or an FP-I4C.
  • The dashboard shows location and status information of all devices in the field.
  • Multiple small local networks within the same organization can be created and managed.


Saves costs:

  • Out-of-the-box solution, no project and development costs (OpenVPN)
  • No on-site visits necessary thanks to remote monitoring and maintenance

Easy and straightforward solution with the HM series and Corvina Cloud


  • FP-I4C or HM series touch terminal

Layered security

Our approach to security is based on the international guidelines set out in the following standards:

  • ISO 27002
  • IEC 62443-2-4
  • NIST Cyber security Framework 1.0

Following the industry standards, Corvina Cloud offers multiple layers of security that give customers as much protection as possible while not obstructing business. Security has to be robust, but should not interfere with daily operation. These two opposing needs have to be balanced.

Corvina Cloud – How does it work?

HMI Corvina Cloud – How does it work? Panasonic Industry

Roles & applications:

It is possible to define different roles with different user rights. Access rights are assigned to a role dependent on the data needed and the application.


Secure connectivity:

In its core, Corvina Cloud is a high-performance server with the latest open technologies to administer data and control flows. Thus, Corvina Cloud acts as a Platform as a Service (PaaS).


Gateways & endpoints:

Our touch terminal (HMe, HMx, HMx700, HMs700) and FP-I4C act as gateways to the local network. The touch terminals have to be connected to a central server. All Panasonic PLCs, IP cameras, and other devices capable of connecting to the Internet can act as endpoints.


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