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General purpose chip resistors

- Small size; lightweight
- High reliability
- Construction: metal glaze thick film resistive element and three electrode layers
- Suitable for both reflow and flow soldering
resistors smd general-purpose


The lineup of general purpose resistors includes a vast variety of resistance values, sizes, and tolerance. Included are several series mostly designed for commodity applications.

Our product lines

resistors smd general-purpose
General purpose chip resistors

Thick film chip resistors

Panasonic standard thick film resistors offer an immense variety of resistors in resistance values up to 10 Mohm.
resistors smd high_precision_thick_film
General purpose chip resistors

Precision thick film chip resistors

Panasonic standard thick film resistors with higher precision offer a variety of commodity resistors with high precision.
Resistors for high performance applications from Panasonic Industry

High performance chip resistors

Resistors are key components found in all electronic devices.

Panasonic resistors are available in high precision, environment resistant, current sensing, small & high power.

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